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A Conviction and ban for life from owning animals.

Shannon, who was rescued by Inspector Cabrini Desmond in a shocking state, emaciated, starved, dehydrated and was exceptionally weak. Her owner was convicted of severe neglect and cruelty and received a life time ban to have animals.

No hoof no horse:

The old saying no hoof no horse continues to be very true today. Regular farrier visits are a must and please check all your horses, some out at grass are inclined to be forgotten.

Bella after her operation.

Bella is feeling better today having had a dreadfully embedded cord removed from her neck and is doing well. We have received reliable information on who owned Bella and the matter to has been passed to the Garda.

Irresponsible breeding.

Please get your dog neutered. This little family were born to a tiny Mum who is no more than a puppy herself and she nearly lost her life having her puppies. There are far too many unwanted dogs out there who can’t get good homes so Please don’t add to the problem.

Pet dogs mutilated to make them look fierce.

A dog owner was banned for life from owning a dog in Carlow District Court and will have to pay €4,400 after he admitted having his pets ears cut off. The owner had paid someone to chop the ears off his two American Bullies.

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