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Bella after her operation.

Bella is feeling better today having had a dreadfully embedded cord removed from her neck and is doing well. We have received reliable information on who owned Bella and the matter to has been passed to the Garda.

Pet dogs mutilated to make them look fierce.

A dog owner was banned for life from owning a dog in Carlow District Court and will have to pay €4,400 after he admitted having his pets ears cut off. The owner had paid someone to chop the ears off his two American Bullies.

Responsible Dog Ownership.

PLEASE all dog owners , whether having a walk in the country side or living near or in the counry please ensure your dogs are ALWAYS under control and NEVER left out loose to endanger sheep or lambs.

Rescued in shocking condition

This small cob was found emaciated, dehydrated and with a terribly infected nose, thankfully he is now in the care of the Wexford SPCA and hopefully will make a full recovery. A most timely rescue by our Inspectors as he also has a very bad chest infection.

Dog Warden

If you need to get in contact with the Dog Warden you can use the details below to get in touch. Dog Warden The dog warden is John Colfer who may be contacted at 087 629 3043

Wexford SPCA Charity shop

This post is just to let everybody know that our charity shop is located at 26 Selskar Main Street, Co. Wexford. The store is a vital way for us to raise funds for the society. We also have a dedicated Facebook page for it located here.

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